Pedestal Paver Snow and Ice Melting Systems

Many homes and businesses use a pedestal and paver system to create an open-air space on their roofs or exterior decks. Winter weather makes these areas unusable and causes drainage problems. Comfort Radiant now has a patented solution that will prevent snow and ice from building on these areas allowing year-round use with no lack of drainage.

There are no boilers, intricate networks of piping, fittings, valves or manifolds that can and do fail. No added costs of having to hire an engineer to create a layout. No "certifed installers" are required and Comfort Radiant supports the installation from first request through start-up.

This system utilizes an engineered aluminum pan that only requires a minimum 1-3/4" of clearance below the paver in combination with Heatizon's Hott-Wire Mineral Insulated (MI) cable to provide heat for the pavers preventing snow or ice from building from the start. The heat generated from this system is efficiently transferred to the paver surface via the insulated pan below the paver while channeling the melt water to the surface below for drainage.


The pedestals supplied by the masons are installed, our supporting bracket and aluminum pan are set on their pedestals. The pan contains channels for the Hott-Wire MI cable to sit in. The Hott-Wire cables are rolled out into the channels, taped in place and then the pavers are placed directly on top of the pans. The pan is insulated below to direct heat upward and into the pavers. The pans add less than 1/16” of height to the paver assembly, allowing the system to blend in seamlessly with the pedestal pavers. Once you set the pedestals in place and level them, no adjustment of the pedestal is needed after the pans are in place.

The pan system is compatible with most of the pedestals already in the market including the two most popular: Bison and Architrex pedestals with new designs coming. This system is designed to match the profile of your paver system without changing the profile.

We stock the standard 2' x 2' pans but are also available in custom designs and sizes. We gladly offer system design assistance as well as full product support and an element layout with your order.

Heatizon's Hott-Wire Mineral Insulated (MI) Cable heating element is a durable, insulated copper tubing that is chemical and gasoline resistant and is designed to be installed with the Pedestal Paver Snow Melting system.

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