Paver Driveway, Danfoss GX Mats
Newton, MA

This is a DiY project our client completed himself. I think it works!

"I installed an electric heating system supplied by Comfort Radiant Heating under my new driveway in Newton, Massachusetts, in 2017. Russ helped me identify the correct components and followed me through the installation process. I cannot speak highly enough of his professionalism, dedication, and competence. The 5 mats were installed under pavers, with an above-ground precipitation sensor. The other two vendors that I contacted supplied only mats that deliver 50 W/sf. Comfort Radiant Heating also sells mats that deliver only 37 W/sf. Russ recommended that I use those, as they would be sufficient for my residential application and would consume 30% less electricity. I can confirm that those mats were sufficient to melt all the snow that fell in the last Nor’easter, which dumped 2’ of snow in my yard.
Of all the vendors I have dealt with in the past 2-3 years during my massive house remodeling project, Russ was the best. I recommend him very strongly to anyone looking for a driveway heating solution"
- B.B., Newton, MA.
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