Ducoterra Infrared Heating Panels

Clean, Healthy, Comfortable Heating For Your Family with a Lifetime Warranty

Infrared Radiant Heating Panels are an innovative home heating technology that creates a luxurious, sun-like warmth, with an even temperature throughout the room from floor to ceiling.

Gentle Heat– While it is difficult to describe in words, customers rave about the gentle, quiet, direct heat from our panels that is exceedingly comfortable. Without air blowing over you from a forced air system or other convection heaters, you simply feel warm and cozy.

High Indoor Air Quality– By eliminating ducts, filters, and dry forced air, SolaRay panels offer the best possible indoor air quality. These panels provide a clean, healthy heat without odors, flames or forced air. They do not circulate airborne particles and contaminants like allergens, germs, viruses, bacteria, dust mites, and other pollutants.

No Drafts or Cold Spots– While convection heating systems, including baseboards, wall heaters, and forced air systems, typically have cold spots and feel “drafty”, SolaRay panels provide an even temperature throughout the room from floor to ceiling so you are comfortable from your feet to the top of your head.

Perfect For Hard to Heat Areas

Hybrid Heating– Sometimes a ductless mini split, heat pump systems work fine for the main rooms, but it can’t adequately heat the bedrooms or bathrooms down the hall.

Home Offices– When you decide to work from home and want to covert the space over your garage into a comfortable office.

Finished Basements– Finally finishing off your basement? Why install ducting in a ceiling that’s expensive, ineffective and takes up a lot of space. Just use SolaRay panels.

Art Studio/Attic – Do you have a new hobby? Achieving the perfect temperature in an attic or basement you turned into an art studio is easily done.

Backyard Cottages or Sheds– Adding a backyard cottage? Now you can easily add-in comfortable & affordable heating without installing an expensive HVAC system, or having to compromise by using wasteful baseboard or wall heaters.

Garages– Want to work in your garage or workshop but it is too cold? A SolaRay heater can turn a cold area warm for just pennies per hour.

Vacation Cabins– Or maybe you just bought a vacation cabin with only a wood stove and you want comfortable heating in the bedrooms where the stove can’t reach.

Why Choose Warming Panels?

Space Saving – SolaRay’s ceiling mounted panels take up no valuable floor or wall space and don’t restrict the placement of furniture in a room unlike wall or baseboard heaters. And being on the ceiling, SolaRay panels are safe for pets and children.

Elegant– SolaRay’s ½” thin panels blend seamlessly into any room and can be painted to match room décor.

Zero Maintenance– No cleaning, and no filters to change so you can enjoy hassle-free lifetime operation.

Hassle Free– SolaRay heaters have a Lifetime Warranty and also an incredible 40-year lifetime according to the NAHB.

Simple Installation– No expensive ducting needed. Installation is as easy as installing a light fixture.

Eco-Friendly– SolaRay green heating will you save money and will save energy and help reduce carbon emissions.

Zone Controlled– Heat only the rooms you’re using. With separate thermostats, you can customize the perfect heat for you room by room.

Healthy Air– SolaRay infrared heating panels are completely dust and allergen free unlike wall and baseboard heaters which circulate these pollutants in a room.

Available Options

Size 2x6
2' X 6'
2' X 4'
2' X 3'
2' X 2'
Voltage 120V / 240V 120V / 240V 120V / 140V 120V / 140V
Wattage 600 / 750 / 1,000 400 / 500 / 750 300 / 365 200 / 250
BTUs 2046 / 2558 / 3410 1364 / 1705 / 2558 1023 / 1279 682 / 852

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