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Tuff Cable Radiant Snow Melting

Please note: If you are planning on installing snow melting system in asphalt, plan early.

Weather conditions limit installation times from late spring through early fall only.

Tired of getting stuck in your own driveway? Are your clients at risk every time there is snow or ice on the sidewalks, stairs, or access ramps in front of your business? Or maybe you're just sick of the dawn patrol with your snow shovel. Retire your snow shovel and relax in the morning by installing a driveway heating system for your home or business. Our radiant snow melting technology is designed to conveniently and automatically eliminate snow and ice buildup day and night, so you don't have to.
190' up to a 600sf pad
Heating your driveway with a Comfort Radiant snow melting system adds real value to your home and increases the life of your driveway by preventing chemicals, snowplows and shovels from damaging its surface and your property that surrounds it. In addition, your investment will also set your mind at ease knowing your friends, family members, customers and employees can avoid injuries sustained from slipping on icy driveways and walkways.



Tuff Cable is our versatile low voltage heating element that can be installed into new or pre-existing asphalt, new or pre-existing concrete as well as under brick and stone pavers.

Comfort Radiant Heating has snow melting products to fit the specific needs and requirements of any project, large or small. The Tuff Cable low voltage system is solid state, has no moving parts to wear out and requires no routine maintenance.

Our systems all have manual and automatic activation so you don't have to worry about being there to turn it on. It will automatically activate when snow starts and shut off when the surface is dry. Manual Activation is utilized when a bad storm is in the forecast to preheat the area or when blown or melting snow runs accross the cleared area and the sensor can't "see" it.

Our low voltage heating elements are the most durable available and are backed by an industry leading 25 year non-prorated manufacturer's limited warranty. An automated on/off activation device that senses temperature AND moisture makes heating your driveway simple and efficient.


Ten Great Reasons Why Comfort Radiant's Snowmelt Products Are The Best Available:

  1. Safety - Protect your customers, employees, friends, and family from injuries sustained from slipping on ice or snow covered driveways, sidewalks, steps, driveways, etc. In addition protect yourself, your family and your employees from injuries sustained as a result of shoveling heavy snow.

  2. Efficiency - Comfort Radiant products require only one energy source and are over 99% energy efficient, as a result the energy melts snow and ice rather than escaping out the exhaust vent. The fact that Comfort Radiant products do not require fresh air venting and operate only when needed to melt snow and ice make them an even better energy efficiency value.

  3. Low Operating Costs - Since Comfort Radiant's snow and ice melt products operate only when they are needed, the operating costs are easy to calculate. Based on a national average cost of 10 cents per kilowatt hour, a snow and ice melting system installed in asphalt or concrete and designed to cover approximately 275 square feet will cost less than 60 cents for every consecutive sixty minute period that it is turned on. Your local rate may vary. Call us for an actual cost based on your current electric bill.

  4. Warranty - Comfort Radiant's Tuff Cable heating element is backed by an industry leading 25 year non-prorated limited warranty.

  5. Noise Free - Comfort Radiant low voltage products are quiet. They have no moving parts.

  6. Maintenance Free - Comfort Radiant low voltage products require no routine maintenance, there is nothing to oil, clean or certify. There are no solenoids, mixing valves, manifolds or boilers. There is no required service contracts or seasonal startup costs.

  7. Inexpensive to Install - The ease and simplicity of installation make Comfort Radiant products much less expensive to install than other radiant snow melt products.

  8. Automatic Activation - Comfort Radiant recommends fully automatic temperature/moisture sensors for all of its snow melt products. These sensors are designed to turn the snowmelt system on whenever moisture is present and the ambient temperature drops below 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

  9. Value - Comfort Radiant snow melt products save money by increasing the life of asphalt, concrete, pavers and other surfaces. Some insurance companies offer discounts on heated walkways.

  10. Great Investment - Comfort Radiant's snow melt products are a great investment because they have the potential to increase the value of a home or building, and provide additional free time to the owner, yielding another nice dividend!


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