Gutter Ice and Snow Melting Cable


Our self-regulating heating cables provide freeze protection of roofs, gutters and leaders. They are used to prevent ice from building in your gutters or to melt snow on your roof. The typical design is to keep the melting snow flowing to the gutter and then down the leader so that ice dams will not form in the gutters or at the drip edge.

Roof with Gutter Cable 2
Roof with gutter cable

Our cable's temperature is self-regulating. The actual heat output will increase or decrease as weather conditions change. When ice and snow are in contact with the cable, it will get warmer in those areas then where the ice and snow is already melted, making it both energy efficient and cost effective.

Though GutterMelt self-regulating cables are not as thorough as ZMESH under-shingle or Tuff Cable under metal systems, when the budget dictates the remedy, GutterMelt self-regulating ice and snow melting cable is the best cable on the market to melt contact snow or ice.

Just like our Zmesh under-shingle or Tuff Cable under metal roof sytems, self regulating cables can be controlled using a variety of activation devices. They can be as simple as a manual timer activation or more intricate designs using an automatic sensor that activate/deactivate the system when the temperatures drop below 38ยบ and then get wet. Then, when either the temperatures rise or the wet weather clears, the sensor will automatically shut the system off.

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